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Our team through the eyes of the commander-in-chief Radek Chaloupka

Adam Zlatohlávek

Butcher, shift chief

Adam came to Naše Maso right after its opening. At first, he was a bit of a dandy, so we had to put him in line. Today, he is a mature, responsible and principled boy, thanks to whom I have a good night's sleep over the holidays because I know that everything at work will be taken care of.

Martin "Ozzy" Zavoďan


Martin is originally a musician, he even has a degree in it! He plays the tuba in the band Circus Brothers. He originally came to us as a part-time worker, for whom cooking was a hobby. He developed into a precise chef who invents new dishes and is able to cope with the cramped conditions in our butcher shop. He is extremely responsible, sometimes too much - at times I hold it against him, that he tries to do everything himself and doesn't delegate.

Dana Přikrylová

Sales assistant at the Passage, e-shop

Our girl from the arcade! I call her a "check controller" because nothing goes past her without her making sure ten times that it’s right. In short, when Danča is at work, everything turns out well. She is just as attentive to the regulars - she remembers most of them by name.

Honza Valenta

Butcher at the cutting plant

There is nothing more to be said about him but that he is a good boy! I've never seen him angry. When I take a new colleague through the operation and tell them about safety pitfalls and the need to wear protective equipment, I cite him as an example of a rule-disobeying rascal who almost snipped off his balls with a knife. But everything turned out well and Honza has a beautiful daughter. He never refuses to help. He's also from a butcher's family and sometimes assists his dad.

Roman Lakomý

Chief butcher, foreman

If anyone can be said to be a true butcher, it's our Roman. He doesn't mess around with anything, he says and does things without sugarcoating and pretty loud, too. Sometimes it's hard to handle. But this is balanced a thousandfold by Roman's incredible diligence, craftsmanship and reliability. He's one of the most meticulous butchers I've ever met!

Zita Švihelová

Assistant of the sausage counter

She has fled from us twice already - and then returned. When I accepted her back, I wanted to make a little fuss, but I couldn't do much, because having Zita behind the counter is a win. She is the best at selling sausages, she has everything in perfect order and the most guests go to her. She also has two great children - her son plays football for Březiněves and her daughter works as a nurse at ARO.

Naše maso
Dlouhá 39
110 00 Prague 1

Phone butchery:
+420 604 237 533
Phone e-shop:
+420 703 193 936

You can reach us by telephone from Monday to Friday between 8 and 10 a.m. Or write to us at – we will answer within 24 hours.

We accept:
Ticket Restaurant, Gastro Pass, Cheque Déjeuner

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