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Our meat

We offer aged and matured beef of the Czech piebald cattle and Přeštice pork. Our main supplier is Amaso which cooperates with Ambiente restaurants. Amaso restored old butcher's procedures and methods of dealing with the Czech meat. They chose particular pieces of stocks from tested suppliers and supervise their nourishment, treatment and slaughter. Amaso's workers cut meat into pieces themselves and leave it to mature. Not a single piece is wasted.

Smoked meats

We make our produce according to the traditional formulas and apart from meat we only add lard, salt, spice and fresh Czech garlic only. Natural quality guts are filled with our produce so that they have a crunch when biting into them, and we smoke them in hard beech wood.

Other meat and smoked meats

We also sell in the butcher's shop other kinds of favourite meats and smoked meats which you know from Ambiente restaurants. They are from our tested suppliers and their quality is guaranteed by our chefs.

Supplementary range of products

Just things you might use when cooking - spice, oils, bouillons or sauces from Ambiente restaurants. Apart from that you can buy here dishes or knives which we use.

Naše maso
Dlouhá 39
110 00 Prague 1

Phone butchery:
+420 604 237 533
Phone e-shop:
+420 703 193 936

You can reach us by telephone from Monday to Friday between 8 and 10 a.m. Or write to us at – we will answer within 24 hours.

We accept:
Ticket Restaurant, Gastro Pass, Cheque Déjeuner

We do not take reservations

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