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Jaroslav Bejda, Mladotice

Mladotice was our first and key supplier of Přeštice pigs. The local cooperative was instrumental to the survival of the breed: they have been bred here since 1976 and the local Přeštice pigs are a genetic source for the breed. The cooperative strictly ensures that piglets do not share any ancestors three generations back. Přeštice pigs are born here and leave Mladotice for the slaughterhouses, which are only 15 minutes away. Everything is under the supervision of chief livestock specialist Jaroslav Bejda.

Petr Pánek, Zbiroh

The animals here graze on pastures from spring to autumn. Director Jakub Červenka long ago gave us a nod to our proposal to breed “Čestr” (Czech Fleckvieh steers). We appreciate that he was willing to try it for us. With colleagues from other Ambiente restaurants, we make field trips to meet with livestock specialist Petr Pánek. We have very friendly relationships with everyone here.

Štěpán Homoláč, Radostov

The breeding of Přeštice pigs in Radostov in Hradec Králové is relatively new. The pigsty has been lined with straw for only five years. Experienced livestock specialist Štěpán Homoláč is in charge – he convinced the owners of the farm (Chovservis) to breed Přeštice pigs despite their greater difficulty compared to others. In addition to Přeštice, the farm also breeds Danish Landrace pigs.

František Šitler, Mžany

Our biggest supplier of “Čestr” (Czech Fleckvieh cattle): their oxen are among the best, well cared for from birth to slaughter. Livestock specialist František Šitler is a breeder at heart and soul whose office is decorated with dozens of trophies from livestock shows. He is also not afraid to experiment: he is trial breeding three cows for us. On his own he breeds and smokes poultry – just one of the reasons why we always like to visit him.

Vlasta Lacina Jiroš, Amaso

The Amaso company is in close contact with our breeders and, under the leadership of Vlasta Lacina Jiroš, oversees the diet and treatment of all animals and their slaughter. Amaso then breaks down the meat in their own facilities in Jeneč, where they let it dry- and wet-age into steaks. Amaso also produces smoked meats according to recipes from the First Republic era here.

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